My Argumentative Essay

Gun control laws; the one thing taking away our freedom. Did you know President Barack Obama is trying to pass a law to have gun control? Gun control is a law that takes away the right to own a gun. My opinion on this topic is having gun control laws is a dishonest idea.
Having gun control laws is a very unlawful idea. Adding gun control is taking away American citizen’s second amendment. Our second amendment is our right to bear arms. According to Jesse Ferguson, “Hillary Clinton is the only candidate committed to common-sense gun violence reform and she talks about it everywhere she goes.” (Chad Day). This explains that she is all for gun control.
People dislike the idea of gun control. Almost all republicans are against gun control. Donald Trump says, “No good” and “no fair,” (Seth McLaughlin) to gun control. Some people agree with him. This is because, as it was stated in the last paragraph, it’s taking Americans’ second amendment away.
People also like gun control. Most democrats like the idea of gun control. According to Barack Obama, our current president, “Each time this comes up, we are fed the excuse that common-sense reforms like background checks might not have stopped the last massacre, or the one before that, or the one before that, so why bother trying” (Eric Bradner). This explains that he is for gun control.
Having gun control is a very dishonest idea is my topic. This is important because if the Gun Control law is passed, it will be harder to protect yourself against anyone trying to hurt you. Having Gun Control is a dishonest idea. We should all protest in front of the White House.
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Positive Journal

I am grateful for…

private bathrooms. In ancient Rome, they didn’t have private bathrooms.

I am also grateful for…

my family. They love me.

What would make today great? If I was able to fly, and if I could teleport. That would be amazing!

Daily affirmation…

I am amazing.

I am very smart.

Two positive things that happened today…

I was able to go to get a ticket to go to a movie.

I found out the movie was Inside Out, one I haven’t seen.

How could I have made today better?

I could’ve gave my sister a hug.

I could’ve helped my dad make my lunch.

My Favorite Time With My Family

Firehawk at Kings Island Theme Park Warren County CVB via Compfight

My favorite thing I did with my family was going to Kings Island. My moms work always shuts down a theme park, like Cedar Point or Kings Island, every year and opens it for only HONDA employees. We’ve gone every year for the past four years. Next year they’ll probably do this to Cedar Point. They switch between Kings Island and Cedar Point every year. Last year, they did this to Cedar Point. We stayed with my dad’s friend and his wife. They live close to Cedar Point.



Blogs I Commented On

The first blog I commented on was Cristian’s blog I commented on this blog because I had a couple questions for him. I said Cristian, why do you want to learn Spanish? Do you want to learn any other language? Why do you want to visit Louisiana? The second blog I commented on was Evan’s blog I commented on this blog because I had a connection with what he said. I said I agree with you. What is normal? Some peoples normal is different than others. The third blog I commented on was Emma’s blog I commented on this blog because I thought it was funny. I said “That’s funny , Emma. Most of my classmates didn’t get the joke. The fourth blog I commented on was Talia’s blog I commented on this blog because I had a connection with what she said. I said I agree with what you said.